What payment methods are accepted on the site?

The credit card: Visa, Mastercard or National, American Express

At the time of payment, you switch to the secure site of our bank, Société Générale, to enter your bank details.

With this system, your card payment is made directly on the secure server of our bank, Société Générale, on our behalf. At no time will your card number be communicated to us.

Exchanges are encrypted and secured thanks to the SSL 3 (Secure Socket Layer) protocol on the Internet, a protocol that has become a worldwide standard and can be used by the main browsers.

Paypal :

You can use your Paypal account, or pay via the Paypal platform with an American Express, Aurore, Cofinoga, Privilège or 4 stars card.

The transfer :

At the time of payment, select "Transfer".

Your order will be taken into account by our services and our bank details will be transmitted to you. Your shoes will be put aside until we receive your payment, and will be sent to you upon receipt of it.